Are you interested in a collaborative therapy experience in an affirming environment? I believe you deserve that, and hope that my therapeutic style can provide it for you. My approach is quite integrative but not without focus. I believe that a unique therapy experience should be created for each person. I utilize and appreciate therapy methods that have a strong research base, yet I also understand that there is no one formula that best serves all those that enter therapy. Thus, I pull from a variety of methods to create a meaningful and goal-oriented therapy journey for all clients.

My goal for my therapeutic relationships is that beneficial change will be promoted while offering safety, tenderness, and hope. I view myself as a partner to my clients, valuing the expertise they have on their own lives while using my skills to help them combat all problematic issues and thrive.

I recognize how difficult it can be to seek support; I encourage you to honor yourself for doing so. If you are seeking a supportive therapist that will validate, challenge, and motivate you, I invite you to contact me to assess if I may be a good fit for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, my clinical philosophy,
or the process of therapy with me, please contact me today!